40th Celebration

Being a mad Mamma Mia fan and lover of all things “Greek”, there was no contest for my 40th birthday celebration.  Crisp blue, pristine white and glitzy gold were the obvious choices for the colour palette.  Everything emanated from there…hand delivered invitations and stationery…but most importantly a Greek taverna look had to be recreated.  Being my own celebration for a change, I had to relinquish some control and hand over the execution to BWOM…with a detailed brief on my part! The collaboration of our 2 minds worked wonders as we managed to set the scene very close to an exquisite Greek island! Food stations, feast tables and a ‘to die for’ dessert buffet station were a couple of the highlights of the evening…not to mention the renowned “Tons of Fun”, for world class entertainment! Guests outdid themselves in themed outfits of all description. I’m happy to say that my friends and family are still raving about the party of a lifetime.  A true indulgent, “Greek” affair!

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